Board Chairman

Mr. Anthony Opoku is the founder and Executive Chairman of TC’s Energy Group headquartered in the
Netherlands under the name TC’S Energy Global BV. His vision started by his establishment of TC’s Energy Ghana
Limited in 2013 in Accra Ghana From which he established various partnerships across Africa involving,
Sierra Leone, Togo, Benin, Madagascar, Botswana etc. He is aVisionary, creative and dynamic Leader. His
business experience spans over 22 years both locally and internationally. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree
from the University of London and an MBA from Therman Asark University, Bangkok. He has extensive training in tidal energy production in Ecuador and also worked with the Eco Energy Company of Ecuador for 2 years. He holds a Post Graduate Certificate in Renewable Energy. He worked on major reforms in the electrical power sector of Ecuador as part of the Energy Infrastructure Services Project.
He is an economic and financial analyst of energy projects and possesses a wealth of experience in operation and updating of financial models, organization and management. His expertise in utility and tidal wave power system planning and design gave him the platform to direct numerous planning studies and carry out the planning and conceptual design of transmission and distribution of sea waves. He is currently responsible for the
management of a team of power system planning specialists engaged in all areas of power system planning and related power system studies.
In his efforts to solve the energy crisis in Ghana and Africa, Anthony Opoku set up TC’S Energy Limited in August 2013, to compliment the Government of Ghana energy production drive, and in the production of renewable energy from a sea wave and tidal power production facility in Ada, Ghana. TC’S Energy Limited is now Licensed (License
No. EC/GWSL/1013-023) by the Energy Commission under the Energy Commission Act 1997, (Act 541) to distribute and sell Electrical Energy of total of a 1000MW. The company has also signed the Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with the Energy Commission in Ghana to operate the Ocean Energy.
Mr. Opoku has managed to engage with all the Stakeholders by getting the indicative tariffs with the PURC and GRIDCO for the transmission connections and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to obtain permits. He has also located the site at Ada, Ghana and secured it for the project to take off.
He has participated in many conferences locally and internationally and was one of the leading keynote speakers in the Ghana Oil and Gas Summit held in Accra. He was nominated to receive an award in London at Europe Business Assembly held in October 2014.
He was invited by Ocean Energy Systems to attend a conference which is an intergovernmental collaborative between countries to advance research, development and demonstration of technologies to harness energy from all forms of ocean renewable resources- Wave, Tidal, OTEC and Salinity Gradients held on November 2014 in Halifax,
Nova Scotia, Canada hosted by Natural Resources Canada.
Thus, the overall objective of Mr. Anthony Opoku in setting up TC’S Energy Group is to safeguard energy availability and security in Ghana and in other African countries and improve access to electricity through the use of Ocean technology.